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What is it?

When I was young............I had too much of it!
Now I am older and going into my 68th year......I don't have enough of it.

When we had NO clocks.............the land was planted/harvested by the phases of the moon?
Kids were often born in the Summer months because (I think) more men were at home? Summer was warm an ideal time for birth also Spring.  We eat 'spring lambs' withoug giving a thought to the ongoing birth/death cycle. Old sheep are called 'mutton?' So are some old women????????

Man introduced clocks/rose line (in France) GMT

I can ONLY see this as a CONTROLLING device?

I would love some 'input' here......very confused.
My dear friend has forced me to write this:

Yes some Groups on d/a are AWFUL/others are brilliant.

I might remind you: ALL the Staff/Founders work on d/a for NOTHING!
D/a has never ever 'seen fit' to award Good Groups with 'core membership' etc.
I have endlessly tried to get this changed because I know a LOT of (SHIT)Groups would go 'defunct' overnight.

IF anyone is unhappy with Groups:
1: Leave (this is so simple)
2: Join or watch a Group you like?
3: Try running a Group of your OWN!
4. As for 'expecting' a reason for declining (forget it) we all have lives to live. IF d/a gave us 'something' in return it is possible we would have better Groups and would be able to do more.
5. I once started a Group....years ago: This Group was ONLY about 'finding/searching d/aGroups for the best ones.
We set-up an 'off/da' place so that members could report....abuse etc. without Groups knowing.
Hello.........this did not work.  You all want to know why?  People could NOT be 'bothered' to report anything!
This was a great idea.

Years of being here....I know so many things.

Artists want to come on d/ their work/without explanations/anything. Hello!..... we are living in a world where people do not think and artists are selfish.  IF you want your art 'accepted' sometimes 'explanation' is OK?  IF you do NOT like d/a there are hundreds of other websites which will accept your work without comment!

One of the reasons I started: JennyStokes-Fav's is because I love looking at art. I request volumes of art.  BUT how many people even 'think' about watching? Very few. Admittedly these are MY choices and my Staff's.
(On the whole: I am of the view that a HUGE number of people are NOT interested in others art!)
I think this Group is consistently good. I try to look at every type of art. IF I don't know about 1 area(Fan art for me) I will invite a new staff member who does know! Yes I do need a GOOD consistent new Staff Member (do talk to me?)

Please STOP 'ranting!'

Eveyone of YOU who have consistently 'supported' me on d/a. I thank you with my :love:

When 'portrait' photography on d/a was WONDERFUL!
I go 'looking' for faces/old/young!
What do I see?
Expressionless people/models! No emotion?????

My Grandaughter who is fast becoming a 'major' Model: was completely aghast at the faces she had to 'conjure' up!
She is a 'loving/emotional' person BUT was not once allowed to smile! This was the first time she expressed her ambivalence to 'denying' her first attempts in this arena.

Why cannot women show 'emotion?'...........on the 'cat-walk or in photography? The first photographer that gives women the 'emotional' allowance to be female will be the one that wins! Give my daughter a cat to bring on stage.......she will GLOW!

I too was NOT allowed to smile...........give me a fucking break!

Women 'hold' family's together/work! Why is it in the modelling industry.........we still are NOT allowed to show women in their  true glory?

I see images here......NOT fresh! Photo-shopped  to get rid of any:line/wrinkle/spot!!!!!!!!!!!

I ABHOR this!
We are women first.....Yes.
WOMEN voted for this 'misogynist. (Look up the word because I doubt a lot of women in the US even know this word!)
A man who has: degraded/used/abused women for years and years. One of his 'quotes' was: Fragile women with mental problems were better in bed!

After decades of fighting for 'women's rights' we are now back in the 'dark ages' because YOU voted for............................!

I suggest all women begin to realise:
That it is NOT OK for men to tell us how to dress or behave.
IT is not OK to 'rape/handle OUR body's as though it is their right.
Abortion???????? Where will this be now? Are we supposed to just allow our body's to be used?

Suggestion for women who want to fight:

Look through all the pics. on deviantart............which show women 'tied-up/manacled/disgusting shit and report everyone of them!
Bring up the image. Go to the bottom of the page: Little box: Report image. Tick on 'content' and write 'OFFENSIVE to me as a woman!'
I see this is working because I looked at 'conversations' going on between these people......they are getting fed up with members 'whining!'  Most seem to be moving to Flikr. :clap:

Portraits category: are filled with stuff.
Read the comments on these images....................shit! Mostly men having a 'wank' in front of an image.
I would HATE the 'thought' of any man 'spewing' his semen over an image of MY body when I was young.

Women.......who are 'used' in this way.......stop it because YOU are the used.

In despair!


1.Do you see this 'earth' as one?
2.Why do you discrimminate against what you don't understand?
3.Do you belive in Gods?
4.What is it that you are all so frightened of?
5.Have you ever lived for more than 5yrs 'outside' your Country?
6.Do you believe all your 'politicians/news networks say?
7.Did you have a good 'informative' schooling without bias of race or religion?

Having lived for 20yrs and seen MOSTof the US.......

1. NO. THE US rules.
2. I have no idea what you are 'talking' about. People with different colour skin are PRIMEVAL!
3. Of course! We were brought up and reared as a "God-fearing" country.
4. Guns!
5. NO. Who would want to live outside the US.
6. Only Fox -News.
7. OF course. I learned our Country is great.

I 'fear' for you America. I really do.

All the 'people' I know on d/a who have insurmountable problems with 'mental' health.............This is for you. :heart:

My husbands brother decided to end his life in a VERY catastrophic way. The 'fallout' from this has reminded me of what 'people' suffer from LONG time Mental illness. I believe my 'brother-in-law' waited till the time was 'right' before he killed himseld on the train tracks. He had tried before but always came home. He had a very supportive family and working environment.

Many friends of mine here and in life go through "hell." Sometimes I have had LONG LONG chats with these friends and I always have to ask: What does this do to 'family' AFTER you are gone and FREQUENTLY this changes their mind.

Having suffered from age 12 from 'borderline bi-polar' disorders...........I KNOW that sometimes the ending of one's life is PEACE.
NO more 'pain' and it is PAIN...........pain.....pain EXCRUCIATING pain. When life is SO abysmal the only relief is death. I have NO religious 'affiliation' except my own spirituality.

I think at some point I chose to fight, no idea when this happened BUT I am still here communicating because this a reason for ME of 'being'.  I fought for d/a to become 'sane' again after the 'fallout' of one man on D/a who has NO idea what this site is all about! For me d/a has always been a place where I feel SAFE. I have friends on here whom I TRUST (when I cannot relate to real friends/family). In the event of a suicide of a family member there has to be CHANGE which is good/bad depending on whether the family can 'reach out' to people they may never meet in life and really confronting the 'cause.' Sometimes family are too close?

In trying to 'get out' of the horror of these last 3 weeks I have learned one major lesson.

NEVER 'give up' if you can. Go forward and speak LOUDLY to anyone who will listen. There are SO many people who just cannot cope. My brother-in-law did not do this and he is DEAD! It's a SHIT life and we all go through so much. Speak about it?

We are going into 2017 soon and STILL we are so behind in understanding mental health. Shut off, don't communicate. Go on all your 'apps' and pretend like you are like everyone else. NO! Learn to 'like' yourself, ignore the SHIT which comes your way. Friends are ONLY true friends IF they accept you for who you are?

This is from my heart and I thank every single one of my friends on d/a who have continually supported all know who you are.

Jenny :love: :peace:
.....the ammount of Members on d/a who have sent me notes is good BUT 'horrifying' to learn what does go on here!
Of course, I do know these things happen, BUT not to the extent I am hearing now.

1. If members feel the NEED to completely demolish other members lives by...............continuous HATE comments. GO somewhere else or learn to 'tolerate' people who may be different from you.

2. Artist's are people who are 'sensitive' to pain and misunderstanding.  This is an "artist's website" NOT a place to cause more by demoralising/insensitive remarks /downright stupidity OR complete 'non-caring.'

3. SO many recent 'departures' (maybe more coming up soon) have happened because some of us don't want/cannot speak up.
This I understand.

4. SO many very kind/loving people........I knew! GONE.

ALL this has 'happened' to me too. Luckily I have a 'strong' sense of self and will NOT just 'sit back'! ANY 'offensive' language I will REPORT to d/a and I hope others do too.

All anger is justified BUT not HATE.  Try to 'think' before you say something to anyone wherever you are.

ONCE more I see our Earth as a place for different races to come together NOT fighting between our selves we are running 'out of time!'

To everyone who entrusted me with your e-mails. They are safe. Thank you. I will NOT let you down.

:love: :peace:

 Please 'share' this Journal with YOUR friends.
have happened in a short space of time in my/martin's life which I cannot 'talk' about (this does NOT mean I am not wanting to say things) I really cannot. I will eventually when it is OK to do so. I am a 'fighter.'

D/a: I have some 'wiser' friends on here who have suggested I stop and I agree. Thank you to them. D/a COULD be a 'major' site for  for making a difference for 'future' generations BUT?????????

At the age of 67yrs old I realise that I know NOTHING................the ONLY thing I do KNOW is that 'artist's' throughout History have always NOT succumbed to 'political' pressure. Thank goodness. Without 'cubism/pointillism /etc.etc. One of the few artists a LOT of U.S people know...........was 'hounded' (Vincent Van Gogh)because he saw a 'fresh/free' beginning etc (these artists were villified) I can go back to Medieval art if you wish! Pope's wanted 'secret' pics. which WILL never see the light of day.............some artist said NO! They were imprisoned and their art is LOST forever in the Vatican! I know this because I know Art Historians who have seen them!

IF we now, do NOT try to STOP what is going on before our eyes............we are left 'wanting.'
It is up to us ALL to do and say what we feel or life becomes meaningless and so does your art.

Nature is dying............keep posting images because everything is going fast.  One day your grandmothers/grandfathers will be saying: "Oh yes I remember when these fields were filled with wildflowers!" Where have they gone.........we had WATER then!
I remember as a kid spotting 'wild elephants' and 'leopards' in the Jungles of Sri lanka (while we drove NW at night to Trincomalee)!
There were NO major roads/no lighting!
Although the 'wildlife experts' are working to STOP keeps 'rolling' in!

Despite 'warnings' NOT to feed wild animals......Tourists come in droves (people in AC busses/hired cars drivers who know NOTHING say NOTHING)................stand with their backs to the signs while crocodiles rest by the banks! NO this is NOT OK. One tourist in a 'photo-op' is killed despite warnings................hello NO more crocodiles! THINK! THIS is un- acceptable. Get in a yourself!
Scared people are NOT welcome because you are destroying my country!
Leave garbage everywhere! NO!
These animals are WILD.............this is NOT Florida! I have visited the Everglades.................where are the animals............High rises/fenced in compounds! Money will never BUY you what I have seen!

Jenny with all the :love:
In the event that my Deviant Art adventure should come to an end you guys can find me, and follow if you please, here!




I am preparing to leave d/a (Unless they change the new Global Submission Policy). I will wait until the end of this month to see what happens.

Meanwhile I am posting more images to:500px Facebook and Flikr

I would LOVE to see anyone I know and LOVE over on these sites.

I am very sad at having to do this after 7yrs and I will truly miss you all.

I will be donating any points I have to various friends.


GET a GRIP.....................why are Groups NOT requesting anymore?
ALL Staff/Founders on Groups.
All Members.

Global Settings on d/a!  ON most Groups (not all ) cannot 'request/submit MORE than 10 submissions a day!  This is supposed to be for each Folder! This is NOT limit for requests on: JennyStokes-Fav's is 10 (some days) others a LOT more!

I KNOW from the comments I have been reading from Groups.....some ONLY get 10!
I also know that quite a few Founders have closed their Groups down.

I am seeing less and less 'art' on here which is what this Site is all about.

From comments and some Staff this is supposedly to STOP 'spam' which is crap! We all know how to stop spam?
This is mainly because d/a wishes to 'cut down' on it's servers...........I fear the end of d/a is upon us.

I have sent out the comments to all my 'watchers' and HOPE thay you all will take the time to do this also.............Go to: D/a Comments.....recent.

This is NOT a bug!

Thank you
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A LOT of Members on d/a have 1000's of watchers and get very few comments or Fav's.
Part of this reason I think is:

1. A lot of people leave and/or go for a long/short time.
2. IF a person leaves d/a completely and does not 'switch off' their account (just let's it die slowly)..this person is still a watcher.
3. The ONLY way I can tell if 'watchers/watchees are still here is by going through birthdays.
4. I do try NOT to let anyone down as far as 'watching' is concerned BUT I am sure I must have made this mistake at one point and I am sure others do too.

Hope this makes things a little more simple.

Hugs and xxx's
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You who think you know.................this City is dead!
Universally 'known' as the "City of light" ......bullshit.

You read all the CRAP.........unknown to you, who do not live in France, this City is DEAD throughout July/August BECAUSE the French are SO completely 'insular!'  Take the same holidays every year. NO City in the World does this! This City was something.........'way past NOW!'

BUT..........You who are ALL 'plugged in to your various apps: ETC..........DO not know this!
LOOK around YOU? I walked this City WITHOUT anything in my ears OR a telephone...........what is the problem here?

France is dying because they will not change!
As for the 'burkahs' on the Beach........get a grip France.......wake up.  Does a Nun have to take her 'habit' off on the beach! I don't think so?  IF I see another 'overweight white woman in a bikini' I will VOMIT in the sand!

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I am Celebrating because this is the ONLY site which is good for all artists! Yay!

I promised all my friends I would stay 'QUIET' for a bit....................hum!

Courtesy: At one time on here people 'thanked' Groups for!

Requesting: Where are Groups requesting.....or is it just me?

I started my own Group solely to request art..................does anybody 'watch!' No. ONLY my good friends.
IF I had a 10000 members EVERYONE would be watching!
How do I get to a large number of Members.....................I don't know?
Surely there are members who like to be 'anonymous' which I understand............a LOT don't! They just want to come here and '' without thinking of other artists?

I could name names here BUT I am too much of a Lady! :dance:

When I get to a certain number of 'watchers' I will do Contests etc. BUT I am watching YOU all to see who has the 'kindness' to say thank you and to watch.

Had enuf!

My friends and watchers...........REAL :hug:'sssss and xxx's
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Bad times/good times.............I will never leave.

You can all 'play the game' on here..................IF you wish!
I do not want to be a part of this. I could suggest all sorts of 'brilliant art' I don't. I just request/request.
VERY few 'groups' now LOOK to find interesting art. At one time this was a 'norm!'

I Fav' images which I like.........NOT because I have been 'fav'd' by anyone else.

I like looking at ALL art and I don't give a SHIT whether a person has fav'd me...........frankly! I have some AMAZING friends on here who have given me so much support. I could name names BUT you know who you are :kiss:

I am too old to to bother about who 'watches' me.  Supposedly I am on a 'list' when new people arrive on d/a. They watch! THIS means NOTHING because they never 'follow through.'  I look at all new people on d/a and am always interested.
IF you decide to 'watch' an artist.................FOLLOW through!

WATCHING an artist MEANS 'watching' how they grow..............NOTHING else. I watch over 1.000 people because I am INTERESTED.
This is not about 'tit-for-tat!'
'GET a grip' and make your OWN minds up about art YOU love..... this art is NOT about people you MAY love........all is about art................
On d/a Because I am a 'senior member' I am expected to 'welcome' new members (which I do faithfully). I do not expect anyone to watch me because of this...........everyone HAS to make a commitment/do your OWN thing please. I genuinely am interested.

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Long busy 4 weeks.

Thank you so much everyone for watches/fav's and comments. Wonderful d/a people :heart:

Obviously will take a long time to catch up but will do so.

Love you all.
Jenny with HUGE :hug:'ssss
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Everything is about POV (point of view).
YOU can be the BEST photgrapher/traditional/digital artist..........BUT if there is no 'soul' we cannot hear you?

Please support my new Group.............I want to make changes happen?
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Mes amis (my friends) in my Bar have taken very little interest in the European Football but..........
at the moment we have probably 6 persons routing for France!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In our Town we have a 'little monde(world)' which consists of South Americans/English-exPatriots/Portuguese/ name it we have them BUT we do not (come togther....John Lennon) ever!
Because we are taught to IDENDIFY with our own Country's.........NO! This is SHIT.
We are a 'cosmopolitan world' we need to "come togehter right now!"
We are the World.
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I go to look for NEW interesting Art everywhere on d/a.

JennyStokes-Fav's (you cannot submit to this Group yet) but I would like everyone to watch if you feel so inclined.
My main purpose here is to 'winkle' out (yes) what I see as good. ie: People have really tried to give us a 'vision' of what they see. When I get enough Members I think towards: Features and Contests.
Obviously I am NOT a 'mistress/master' here BUT I can see images that appeal to me.........not done so badly since this Group is very young.

I have been completely DISGUSTED of some the 'so-called' art here (ONLY can be called Pornography) in my view. Have had to report some images.  D/a get a grip on this PLEASE.  I saw an image the other day of (under-aged) a kid lolling on an old man's knee looking somewhat drugged!  MORE control........d/a PLEASE.
I love well photgraphed/drawings/paintings of the body and will continue to request these images........well done those of you.

As life goes on in this 'shuddering-screwed-up World' I cannot really understand why people continue to 'use/abuse our lives and those of women/kids?'

I have ALWAYS felt that humans have the capacity of kindness............?????????

Meanwhile...........I have to admit I am so behind on thanking everyone for the enormous amount of comments and :love: you guys have been giving me.

:heart: :hug:'sss
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I have been here for over 6years now..........fought/moaned/met some wonderful friends in real life and here.
Unlike MOST other websites, I am beginning to understand that d/a is first and foremost a very good place to be......especially IF you are looking to improve your art skills and IF you take the time to watch/look at other people's art.
I went to Art School and taught pottery/ceramic sculpture in Los Angeles which I enjoyed immensley.
However, being here has taught me MORE than I think I could have learned anywhere else.
When I first came here.........doing the most awful art (I look back and am horrified at the work I submitted) and being particularly 'snobby' toward young/new/digital.

IF you want to 'get on' on d/a you have to WORK at cannot just 'post'your art and ignore everyone else!

Life is about learning everyday and I can say this because I am an older person and have experienced many things good and bad.

Please take the time to look at any art...Fav. Comment (if you have the time)!

Too al my DEAR DEAR friends and watchers, some of whom have been here since I began...........I thank you for all your kind/heart-warming support.

I don't expect a LOT of people to read this BUT if you do............thank you.

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Got back from beautiful Scotland 2 days!
Wonderful scenery/people/WHISKY and food.

Brexit happened while we were there and tried not to let it make our holiday depressing!  Idiots.

Managed to leave all sorts of things all over the place so spent a LOT of time recovering belongings.......brain is having a dormant period!

1 day in Fort William staying beside Neptunes stairway which is a canal with 8 locks......pretty impressive although we did not see one boat going through!

Stayed on Skye for 3 nights (Portree) in a wonderful little Inn where it was possible to actually talk with the locals.....downing quantity's of brilliant Whisky...........not too bad head in the morning.
Went out in a boat to view wildlife and managed to see Sea Eagles and seals.  Great views of the islands from here.
One thing I have discovered is I AM NOT A GOOD Landscape Photographer!

On to Inverness/Loch Ness/Dundee and a quiet little Pub near Glamis Castle: This Castle was very well worth a visit and got there early enough to get a wonderful guide with only a few of us.
This is the Birthplace of Princess Margaret and very much loved by the Queen Mother.  Despite it being a Castle I was amazed to see how cozy and friendly the whole area inside the Castle was.  Intimate and a great place for kids growing up.
Part of the Castle is still lived in and I gather the family: Queen etc go there quite often. Lots of ghosts.

We had pretty OK weather and did not have to use all woolly things I had packed.
Definitely will go back to Scotland and hope IF they have a referendum they will vote to stay in the EU.
Driving around we noticed a LOT of work on bridges/roads/ferry's etc had been done with EU money.

MY new Group:
I am waiting for more 'watchers'........when I get to 100 I will make this a Super Group then I can do more interesting things.
Thank you everyone who is watching.

Got back to a very busy d/a and am still 'catching up' nearly there I hope.

Thanks to everyone who has Fav'd/commented on my work while I was away.........:hug:'sssss
LOVE you all
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